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Innovation, intrapreneurship, AI, organizational development, accounting, venture building

Creating values, 
driving change.


Your employees attend agile and other training courses, but their mindset is slow to take off? You have a new digital business model, but don´t quite know how to get this rocket to fly and land? Do you want to know how you cann sustainably and fearlessly bring innovations to your company and at the same time develop your employees into intrapreneurs? Or do you finally want someone in accounting who not only has a future-proof accounts receivable management on the screen, but also thinks entrepreneurially and that in six languages?

Your desired change starts right here. We support your company as (interim) intrapreneurs in the areas of accounting, business model innovation, organizational development & venture building. Always with an entrepreneurial mindset. Always with heart and mind. And always with the goal of creating values that last.


Sounds good? Then let's talk.


Discovering new markets and forging strong new partnerships. Together we develop strategies that move your company forward. Always with a focus on grounding and the four-sound Purpose, People, Planet & Profit.


Our times are too fast for rigid hierarchies. We make your form of organization holocratic and sociocratic sustainable, motivate your employees by conveying meaning and thereby create values that last.

Accounting &

Whether it’s your accounts receivable management, dunning, debt collection, the digitization of your accounting or the optimization of existing processes and cash flow: we do everything in six languages - and in one that the C-level understands.

How we think?

Whether Planet, Profit or People: We believe that only sensible and meaningful business decisions, structures and processes are supported by everyone and not just tolerated. Difference. Do you agree?

What we create:

Change, values, impact.
Exactly in that order.

To get straight to the point: With us you get interim intrapreneurs into the house. However, not the kind of "consultants in costumes or ties" who stubbornly follow through with their strategy and have no contract with your team. Because we see it this way: Real change can only succeed at eye level. And with all actors. Change always happens together. We engage all employees by providing understanding and meaning, thereby creating sustainable values that make a real contribution to the company, the employees and the world in which we live. That's what we call impact, and it requires hands-on action and less talking. You will therefore no longer find the word consultant on this website, unless we have to use it for Google so that you can find us too :-)
Accounting, Debitorenmanagement, Business Processes



Accounting, Business Processes &

Receivables management.


Who I am: Number-affine and emphatic-pragmatic process designer & finance ninja with many years of experience. My industries of the last 20 years: industry,

e-commerce, IT & rail.


Driving force: entrepreneurial mindset and constant drive for optimization.



Business Development, Digital Innovation

LearningOrganizational Development & Venture Building.


Who I am: Digital native, innovation driver, entrepreneur, multiple founder & servant leader.  My industries over the last 26 years: education, e-commerce, fashion, food, IT, social economy, transport & tourism.


Drivers: Creating impact & values. 

Organisationsentwicklung, Venture Building & Impact

Our multi-perspectivity:

Values & impact for
10 industries since
26 years.

In the last 26 years we have had the privilege of working with many great teams from medium-sized and large companies. These include companies such as Amadeus, Bernd Berger, Ebay, Erlebe Fernreisen, Expedia, John Deere, KfW Stiftung, Landlinie, SAP, Siemens, Social Impact, Stemmann Technik, TUI, Wabtec or the WBS GROUP. Companies in which we were able to gain a lot of valuable experience in a total of 10 industries within the framework of freelancer, interim, management and management mandates or within our own start-ups.


Curious? Would you like to learn more about our work as interim intrapreneur? We look forward to your call or e-mail, alternatively also directly over a digital coffee.

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