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Employees need meaning, not a foosball table.

How we think:

Climate change and scarcity of resources are the major challenges of our time. People, the environment and maximizing profits must therefore be equal drivers of our economy. Questions that therefore burn on our minds include these: What is our contribution to an economy that is still compatible with our natural resources? What are alternative business areas with which a company can even succeed in increasingly decoupling growth from resource consumption? And what actually makes employees in a company happy (forget the foosball table)? Whether planet, profit or people: We believe that only sensible and meaningful business decisions, structures and processes are supported by everyone and not just endured. Difference. Do you agree? Then we look forward to hearing from you.


Changes need values, not arbitrariness.

01. Purpose

First things first: For us it is the question of why. Because only sense and meaning give things their value.

02. People

People are the most important capital of a company. Because it makes companies come alive. And he has something ahead of the machines: creativity.

03. Planet

Do we only have one So that's how we should treat him. Scarcity of resources and the climate crisis are the challenges of our time.

04. Profit

Sure, without it it doesn't work. And he's even a lot of fun. Provided you have points 01, 02 and 03 on the screen.


Would you like to learn more about how we work and how we think? We look forward to an exciting exchange.

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