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Debtor management for international medium-sized companies & corporations.

The Guide
for future

A precise accounts receivable management minimizes risks.

The world is complex and diverse, and every company, whether international medium-sized company or corporation, needs a solid financial background to be successful in the global market. An essential part of this financial foundation is efficient and reliable accounts receivable management. It's more than just a numbers exercise. Accounts receivable management is a reflection of your business relationships, a barometer of financial health and also a guide to future growth.


A well-managed accounts receivable portfolio can protect your business from unnecessary risks and open the door to new business opportunities. Due to my extensive experience in the international environment, I not only bring specialist knowledge with me, but also my entrepreneurial mindset, which is reflected in my services. 

Freelancers & Interim manager for your accounts receivable management

The reflection of yours
business relationships.

Whether you are looking for a freelance accountant for your accounts receivable management who can communicate with the C-level in six languages, or an entrepreneurial process designer and interim manager who can also lead small teams: You are absolutely right with me. Because with me in your accounting team you will profit fourfold:

01. Six-language communication

My freelancers or Interim manager Services are not only local, but also global. No matter which continent your money comes from, I will make sure it arrives on time​.

02 Planning security

Through precise accounts receivable scoring you keep den Overview of all customers and their payment behavior. This helps to reduce or avoid bad debts, which ultimately benefits your planning security.

03 Entrepreneurial mindset

I understand the importance of speed, precision and transparency as in accounts receivable management. With my entrepreneurial attitude, I make sure that Accounts Receivable Management works as precisely for your company as the rest of the Accounting team does for your company and your customers.

04. Process optimization and digitalization

I can optimize your existing processes and, if you wish, digitize your entire accounting. In doing so, I bring in my international experience in accounts receivable management as well as my distinctive ability to design processes. All with one goal in mind: improving your cash flow.


Do you have any questions and would you like to find out more about my current international freelance work at Stemmann Technik within the WABTEC Group? Are you currently looking for support in your company's international accounts receivable management? But before that you would like to know a little more about me? Gladly.

Loretta Schneiders - Freelancer - Accounts receivable management for medium-sized companies/groups


How do I currently manage debtor management in an international environment efficiently and precisely as an interim finance-ninja? What I could do for your company in the future? I'll be happy to talk you. Just book a digital coffee appointment.

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