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Progressive, strategic,
but above all: result-oriented.

Business development, Business area development

In today's dynamic business world, quick decisions and clear strategic direction are essential. We are the business developers who specialize in developing sustainable growth strategies and strong partnerships. Our approach: above all empathetic and data-driven. Before we start developing strategies, we ask questions such as “Where are we in the market?”, “Where are our strengths and potential?”, and “How can we effectively stand out from the competition?” Because we believe that a deep understanding of your company and the market is the key to success.

Our business development services:

  • Establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships

  • Market analysis and positioning

  • Development and implementation of growth strategies

  • Identification and development of new business areas

  • Support in adapting the business model to changing market conditions


Innovative Business
Development for 
innovative companies.

You've come to the right place if you ask yourself:

  • How can we improve our market position?

  • How can we develop and implement effective growth strategies?

  • How can we identify and develop new business areas?

  • How can we build new strategic partnerships that drive our business forward?


The answer: With innovative business development. With us. Please leave us a message or book a free initial consultation directly.

We look forward talking to you.


Do you have questions and would like to find out more about how we can develop new business areas together and bring you business development to the next level? New business unit, new digital business model or rather optimizing what already exists? But first, more about me?

Jens Schneiders - business model innovation, innovation


Curious? You want more about our work as a business developer or business area developer ? We look forward to your message.

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