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Innovation consultant, management consultancy innovation


An innovation consultancy that always thinks from the customer's point of view.

Innovation is at the heart of business growth and competitiveness. As an innovation consultant or as a management consultancy for innovation, I understand how important it is to implement creative ideas in customer-oriented & implement tangible business solutions. Unfortunately, I'm anything but a consultant, because with more than twenty years of experience in various industries such as e-commerce, fashion, food, IT, mobility, social economy, tourism and education, I bring practical entrepreneurial perspectives to innovation to be able to raise and promote so that long-term values can be created.

You may be wondering why your company needs the services of a management consultancy Innovation, which does not actually advise at all, but thinks and implements innovative ideas along your customer journey together with you?

Management consultancy innovation

Why every company can use an innovation consultant?

01 Growth and change

As I often say, "Change and growth only comes out of the comfort zone"​​. With my management consultancy Innovation I can accompany your company with innovative new ideas and business models on the way to further growth. Always always after the four-tone Purpose, People, Planet & profit.

02 Strategic Innovation

I offer strategic perspectives and solutions based on your specific needs and goals Company basedn. I will help you to realize your vision e.g. new innovative business models put into practice.

03 Promoting intrapreneurship

As a more confidentintrapreneurI know how important it is to encourage entrepreneurship within a company. Intrapreneurship can the creative potential of your Teams & talents release and lead to groundbreaking innovations.

04 Impact & value creation

Today's companies not only need to be economically successful, but also have a positive impact on society. I can you support to create a noticeable impact and at the same time create values for your company.


Do you have questions and would like to learn more about how I, as an intrapreneur and innovation consultant, can support your company in raising innovations? Would you like to find out more about me or have a digital coffee with me directly? Gladly.

Innovationsberater & kundenzentrierte Innovationsberatung

Let's talk!

In my role as an innovation consultant, I support your company with my management consultancy Innovation in overcoming challenges and paving the way to the future. Together we develop innovations and position your company before the next wave.

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