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Train employees
to become

Team and talent development, intrapreneurship

securing innovation and growth.

In today's fast-paced business world, skilled, dedicated & entrepreneurial employees - intrapreneurs - are the key to success. It's no secret that right now, in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), the world around us is evolving even faster and we humans need a host of new Future Skills and capabilities to help us keep up with the fast pace. What is needed for this? A framework in which your employees or future intrapreneurs can move without fear. 

Due to our own entrepreneurial experience, as well as our mandates in corporations and medium-sized companies, we know how to effectively build these frameworks and develop employees into intrapreneurs.

Our services as talent and intrapreneur developers:

  • Building an innovation & intrapreneurship unit.

  • Developing of a holocratic framework.

  • Establishment of a customized training and development program.

  • Accompaniment of the development & change processes.

Develop intrapreneurs, teams and talents.

Our approach to team and talent development?

01 Identificationon of intrapreneurs.

We support you in identifying potential intrapreneurs within your company. These employees often demonstrate a high level of initiative, creativity and commitment and can be a driving force for innovation.

02 Development of skills and competencies.

We offer tailor-made training and development programs to promote the entrepreneurial skills of your employees. Our theoretical programs focus on areas such as creative thinking, problem solving, leadership and project management and are translated into practice through the implementation of a corporate venture builder or an AI innovation unit.​

03 Team building and collaboration.

We help you build effective teams and create a culture of collaboration and learning together. With elements from holocratic organizational development we create levels of understanding at eye level that are based on appreciation and promote the individual strengths and abilities of the team members. 

04 Promoting intrapreneurship.

We support you in fostering a culture of intrapreneurship by implementing systems and processes that foster innovation and encourage employees to come up with new ideas and business models to develop.


Do you have questions and would like to learn more about how I can support your team and talent development with my many years of entrepreneurial experience? Do you want to know why companies simply need more intrapreneurs these days? But before that you want to know more about me?

Entwicklung von Intrapreneuren, Talent- und Teamentwicklung bei ECONS

Let's talk!

I believe that any company has the potential to be an innovative and dynamic force in its own industry by simply training more employees to become intrapreneurs through team and talent development. How do you see it?

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