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Better in front of the wave, than  to chase after.

Intrapreneurship & innovation

In a rapidly changing economic world, innovation is crucial for the long-term success of a company. Intrapreneurship is a method to drive innovation in a company. Intrapreneurs are employees who think and act like entrepreneurs to develop new ideas and concepts within your company. 

Our services as an intrapreneurial founder in the field of innovation & Intrapreneurship:


Why every company today needs more intrapreneurs?

  1. Intrapreneurs think and act like entrepreneurs, but within their company. They bring new ideas and perspectives that often deviate from traditional hierarchies and ways of working. Intrapreneurs are bold innovators who take risks and break new ground to drive the business forward.

  2. Intrapreneurs promote internal innovation and competitiveness by motivating the company and employees to develop new products and services. They turn innovative ideas into reality, creating new income streams and growth opportunities.

  3. Intrapreneurs are highly motivated and committed. They enjoy sharing their ideas and being involved in the development of new products and services. Intrapreneurs help create a company culture that promotes employee satisfaction and engagement.

  4. Intrapreneurs help companies to increase their speed of innovation by testing new ideas and concepts more quickly on the market and with customers using the Lean Startup method, for example, and then putting them into practice. 


What do you think about that? Let's talk! 


Do you have questions and would like to know more about how we turn your employees into intrapreneurs and anchor innovations in your company together with you? But before that, are you still interested in who would accompany you?

Jens Schneiders - Intrapreneurship & Intrapreneur


Curious? You want more about our

Experience working as an intrapreneur or are interested in why intrapreneurs for innovations in your company are simply important? We look forward to your message or your call.

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