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Corporate venture building & company builder.

Ignite the idea rocket
& build a game changer.

Quickly tap into
new markets with venture building.

In the fast-paced business world, innovation is essential alongside day-to-day business. This is where our Venture Building comes into play: Not only do we develop new business ideas, but we can also get your next startup off the ground. As corporate venture building experts, customer-centric and data-driven, we guide you through the entire process - from idea to market-ready company.

Our services in corporate venture building:

  • Development and testing of digital business models

  • Building and scaling your start-ups

  • Team recruiting and development

  • Development and implementation of Growth strategies

  • Identification and development of new market opportunities

Corporate Venture Building: Innovation from within.

Why venture building is essential today?

In this day and age, every major company must turn to venture building through their own company builder. Why is it so important to set up a team of venture builders in-house? Here are five reasons why:

01 Fast adjustments to market changes.

With venture building, companies can react quickly to changing market conditions and identify and seize new business opportunities.

02 Fostering innovation.

By setting up an internal company builder, companies can innovation & intrapreneurship promote from within and thus gain a competitive advantage.

03 Risk reduction.

Through the construction of multiple ventures through a team of venture builders can spread the overall risk and reduce dependency on a single line of business.

04 Talent retention and development

An internal venture building program can retain talented employees and give them the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills as intrapreneurs to develop.

05 Growing and scaling.

With a venture building process, companies can expand their business activities and open up new revenue streams and markets.

The future belongs to brave innovators and intrapreneurs. Companies that understand this and embed venture building into their DNA will take the lead and lead the next wave of innovation. Is your company ready to take on the challenge and shape the future with an in-house company builder?


Do you have questions about corporate venture building and how you can set up your own company builder in your company? Would you like to learn more about my experiences as a multiple founder and venture builder over the past 26 years?

Corporate Venture Building, Company Builder by ECONS


How I can help you and your company to set up or run an internal Company & Venture Builders ? I look forward to talking and exchanging ideas with you.

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