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Innovation & Revolution? Yes! With your own company builder.

To dispel a myth right at the beginning: It doesn't take millions to set up your own company builder in your company :-)  With our many years of experience from our mandates of the last 7 years, we support your company in setting up your own company builder.

Book your free initial consultation here directly in my calendar. I look forward to you.

6 steps so that your Company Builder becomes sustainably successful.

In principle, setting up your own company builder is possible within any company and regardless of the resources available for it. The subsequent However, 6 points are essential so that the effort for the construction is worthwhile: 


  1. Define strategic direction.

  2. Team (intrapreneurs) put together.

  3. allocate resources.

  4. Establish deal flow and selection process.

  5. Build support structures. 

  6. Ensure long-term development.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to start now? Or are you stuck in the process? Then book your free initial consultation directly in my calendar. I'm looking forward to our conversation.

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