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Entrepreneurship Education, Student Companies, Junior Companies & Social Business

Entrepreneurship Education for Pupils & Juniors.

The Entrepreneurship
educational program
for the generations
Alpha + Z.

Generation Z has little trust in politics and business. They believe that politicians as well as business leaders are not capable of solving the major challenges of today. Instead, they prefer to rely on themselves and their own abilities when it comes to influencing problem solving, for example by founding a student company or junior company. Self-realization and the resulting self-efficacy are elementary basic needs of Generation Z. Future employers need not only an appreciative corporate culture but also a sustainable economic concept with an honest and deeply rooted higher purpose. For Generation Z, free(e) spaces and educational opportunities must be created today, so that you, with your entrepreneurial drive, can make a real contribution to the change of the future economic system already thinking and co-developing today. With the program, it is easy to found student companies or junior companies on the topic of social business.

Our services as entrepreneurship education program developer & operator:


  • Setting up the incubation and acceleration program.

  • Accompaniment of the program and networking of the developed ideas into the economy.

  • Accompaniment of the individual student companies or junior companies as coach and mentor.

The program on social business.

These are the phases of the entrepreneurship education program for student and junior companies:

01 Brainstorming

In a hybrid form ( on site & digital ) we work together with the interested young people on their ideas and transfer them with our trainers/coaches into a first simple business model. After this weekend, the young people go home with a first concrete idea.

02 Deepening

In the second step, we offer the young people a mini-series of workshops & webinars via digital channels, with which you can further flesh out your business idea. After completing this phase, you pitch your idea to a jury and thus apply for the next phase.

03 Incubation

In the third phase, we delve even deeper into the business idea and provide the young people with additional learning content on the topics of business plan, market & positioning, sustainability, impact, & presentation. Through several iteration loops, we achieve a first MVP (minimum viable product) at the end of this phase through intensive support from internal and external coaches.

04 Validation + Launch

In the penultimate phase, the MVP is tested on the market together with the young people. In the last phase, an implementation/spin-off of the MVP can then be considered according to the options then available.


You have questions about the program? You want to develop new social business ideas together with Generation Z? Are you wondering what exactly this program looks like and what it takes in terms of funding to be able to support student companies or junior companies? Let's talk. Feel free to book an appointment directly in my calendar.

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How can I support you and your company in setting up or running your own entrepreneurship education program for student companies or junior companies?The

I'll be happy to tell you over a free digital coffee.

I look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

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