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Coach , Mentor & Social business angel for impact startups

Coaching & Mentoring Impact Startups.

We are all aware that our economic system, which is only focused on growth, can no longer function in the medium term. The right impulses for lasting change certainly come more from the Impact Startup world than from the existing system. But in order to be able to create a real impact, the impact startups need, in addition to their purpose, people & Planet alignment of your business model but also in dire need of profit. Being mission-driven is a good start, but you also need to be able to get the horsepower out of your head and onto the road, and yes, you may (must) be able to make money from it. In the last 6 years we have coached over 80 impact startups & Social Business Angel accompanied and supported you with your business model and your entrepreneurial minimum according to the four-tone principle Purpose, People, Planet & profit align so that they can give their vision a stable foundation. 


Our services as coach, mentor & Social Business Angel:

  • Support in strategic & operational issues

  • Development of sales structures & networks

  • Accompaniment as ambassador & Business Developers

  • Entrepreneurial participation as a business angel

You've come to the right place if you ask yourself:

  • How can I also generate sustainable profits with our social business model?

  • How do we get our horsepower out of our head and onto the road without losing focus on our actual mission?

  • How do we build a multipliernetwork and generate inbound leads?

  • How do we ensure sustainable financing and at the same time have our finances firmly under control?


Ask us - by calling or writing to us. 


We look forward to you.


Have you just founded your impact startup or are you planning to? You want an experienced coach & Social Business Angel by your side? Then book an appointment with me. Let's find out if, how and under what conditions I can support you. But first you want to know more about me? 

Coach, Mentor und Business Angel für Impact Startups


Would you like to know more about how we work as a coach for Impact Startups & experience as a social business angel? We look forward to an exciting exchange.

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