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Develop a new business model with impact?

Do you want to develop a new business model with impact and place it on the market within 3-6 months?


We do. With a guarantee and our experience from the last 26 years in 10 industries. If you wish, we can build the right team right away.

Book your free initial consultation here directly in my calendar. I look forward to you.

6 crucial steps so that your good idea not only flies, but also lands.

​In order for your idea to be successfully placed on the market, a structured process is required. Very important here is: customer focus and building the right team! In detail, the following 6 steps are essential: 

  1. Market analysis and target group identification

  2. Concept development and prototyping

  3. Customer-centric (further) development

  4. Legal and regulatory review

  5. construction andcoordination of the team

  6. Marketing and launch strategy

Do you have any questions? Has your idea not been as successful in the past as you would have liked? Then book your free initial consultation directly in my calendar. I'm looking forward to our conversation.

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