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Innovation & AI for the social economy.

More time for

Innovation with AI:
More time for the clients.

The social economy is one of the most important sectors of the economy and yet this sector has not produced any real innovations in recent years, although it is constantly changing and adapting. The last great innovation? Maybe the statutory health insurance companies? But that was in 1883, 140 years ago. long time ago, right? Now comes a real opportunity for the social economy, because now, through the use of innovations & artificial intelligence (AI) will open a new chapter. But this not only requires well-trained employees with AI skills, but also the appropriate entrepreneurial framework within the respective organization innovations with AI solutions also find their sustainable way into the company and to the clients. Here and now a holistic, but modularly applicable, solution for the social economy is needed.


AI/innovation unit as an independent company.

What does it take to build an internal AI/Innovation  Unit? 

01 Technical Expertise

To an AI-/to build an innovation unit, a social enterprise needs technical expertise. It is important that the company is able to understand and use the different AI technologies. It can be helpful to call in external experts or to train employees accordingly.

02 Resources

Building an AI/Innovation unit also requires resources, such as time and money. It is important for a social enterprise to provide these resources to fully realize the potential of AI and innovation. It can help to define clear goals and develop a long-term strategy.

03 Openness to change

To an AI/innovation unit to be successful, it is important that the social enterprise is open to change. This is not only about the introduction of new technologies, but also about a change in corporate culture. It is important that employees are willing to break new ground and accept mistakes.

04 Collaboration and networking

Building an AI/innovation unit also requires good collaboration and networking within the organization. It is important that the different departments and teams work together and contribute their expertise. Cooperation with external partners, such as start-ups or research institutions, can also be helpful in developing new ideas and technologies.


Do you have questions and would like to know how you can think about the topics of innovation & AI in an integrative way in your social enterprise and what it takes to successfully build an AI/innovation unit in your company? Would you like to find out more about me and my thoughts?

Innovations, AI, Social Economy & Intrapreneurship

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Why building your own AI/innovation unit is no walk in the park and why it is so important to think of this process from the employee/client perspective? We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

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