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Good ideas fly.
If they land too.

business model innovation

Innovation is a pretty worn-out word - and it's often defined too one-sidedly. While an innovation is a good idea for many, for us it is above all its successful implementation. The latter is not possible without the team. Because you can have a great idea on your own – but in order to develop it further, check it for feasibility and implement it, you also need other perspectives. And that is exactly what our work consists of. We support you in the development of your new business model, but also in the associated development of your team, your structures, resources and interfaces. That means: We are there for you as innovation managers and forward thinkers. But also as organizational developer and corporate designers.

Our services as a business model developer:


You've come to the right place if you ask yourself:

  • How can we develop innovative and sustainable business models internally?

  • How can we dock this to an existing business model?

  • How can we build an independent company out of this?

  • How can we institutionalize the resulting process?

  • How can we strengthen the innovative power of our company and generate growth by acquiring other companies / startups?

  • How can we get our employees enthusiastic about all of this and take them with us?


Can you do everything? Because you can call us or write to us.


We look forward to you.


Do you have any questions and would you like to know more about how we can jointly bring innovations onto the road? But before that, are you still interested in who would accompany you?

Jens Schneiders - business model innovation, innovation


Curious? You want to know more about our

experience in the field of business model innovation?

We look forward to your message.

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