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Digital learning, e-learning, game-based learning, PUNK by WBS

Game-Based Learning: The most sustainable
way to learn.

Future Skills and 
Growth Mindset?

In my last mandate as Interim Head of Innovative Training Concepts, I had the great pleasure of building up and developing the new brand PUNK by WBS with and for the WBS Group after the acquisition of an MVP. Why is this an innovation? Do you currently know of another solution for developing future skills sustainably with a game-based learning approach within 20-30 minutes parallel to the daily work routine? Digital learning and e-learning is a broad field and the topic of future skills has not only been an important topic since yesterday, but a sustainable growth mindset does not develop without training. And now at the latest - in the era of artificial intelligence - everyone has to start dealing with it.


Within 6 months of purchasing an MVP, I was able to launch the new WBS brand together with a great team and place a scalable and holocratically organized startup on the German B2B training market.

What former colleagues say?

For me, Jens is the perfect (interim) intrapreneur: quick to think AND act - always strategically oriented. At the WBS Group, Jens turned a purchased proof of concept into a scalable start-up. He further developed the brand, trimmed the technological platform and the product concept for scaling and filled the sales pipeline with promising leads - in 12 months. I'm still impressed by how quickly he built a powerful team - also with recourse to his good network. His ability to inspire and motivate people is instrumental in helping the team move forward quickly.



Do you have any questions and would you like to know more about my commitment to the WBS GROUP and the development of PUNK by WBS? Are you thinking about setting up your own innovative business unit with impact or do you want to buy a start-up as a basis for this? Are you looking for an intrapreneur to support you? 

Digital Learning, E-Learning, Game-Based Learning, Future Skills, Growth-Mindset & Intrapreneurship

Why future skills are so important? sustainability.

Future Skills, Innovation & 

How do these three terms fit together? In a constantly changing business world, training employees in the areas of future skills is of course important. These skills also promote the development of more intrapreneurs with a growth mindset, who make a significant contribution to the future viability of your company. Digital learning or e-learning or game-based learning approaches can provide excellent support here. 

01 Adaptability

Future skills such as critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence and innovative skills are essential in a business world that is constantly changing. Employees who have these skills are better able to react to changes, anticipate them and adapt their strategies for action accordingly. This creates the much-needed momentum to deal efficiently with change while recognizing new opportunities.

02 Fostering innovation

Innovation skills promote the emergence of new ideas and improve the ability to implement them efficiently. Through innovation training, employees learn how to develop, test and implement innovative ideas. This can lead to product and business model innovations and lead to a better market positioning.

03 Increasing competitiveness

Intrapreneurs, who act as internal entrepreneurs in the company, drive the entrepreneurial spirit forward. They use their innovative and entrepreneurial skills to develop and implement new business ideas, which ultimately increases the company's competitiveness.

04 Promoting growth and sustainability

Intrapreneurs can promote sustainable growth by opening up new business areas and improving existing processes and products. They are important drivers for the long-term strategic orientation and sustainable growth of a company.

The combination of future skills, innovation skills and intrapreneurship forms an important cornerstone for the future viability of every company. By establishing it autonomous, holocratic structures An environment must also be created within the company that enables continuous innovation and agility.


How did I set up the new business unit of the WBS GROUP as a corporate venture and as a holacratically organized company within the group? I would be happy to tell you in a personal conversation.

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